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A Prime Environment for Viticulture and Oenology since Antiquity

Welcome to the Home of Our Unique Wine

Our vines grow on a family farm, in a small winery located in a landscape of great beauty. The bodega is located on the Camino de La Atalayuela, near the foothills of Sierra Morena, surrounded by the Cerro de Los Carneros and the Las Tajoneras Parade, opposite the Cerro de las Cabezas.
The location of our land is excellent, at an altitude of more than seven hundred and ten meters above sea level1, with a slight slope and an average planting density of 2500 vines per hectare. Our vineyard is perfectly situated for our vines to benefit from these exceptional conditions. The farm consists of 27 hectares, 15 of which  make up the vineyard. It is a land with low humidity, high illumination and a high contrast of temperatures between day and night in the ripening period of the grape2.

The ground is chalky, franc, with excellent mineral content and drainage capacity. The principle landscape surrounding the estate consists of olive groves and vineyards.  Tempranillo (Cencibel), Garnacha (Fina de Aragón), Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot y Chardonnay grapes are grown in the vineyard.

1 Datos obtenidos del Instituto Geográfico Nacional. Ministerio de Fomento. Visor Iberpix.
2 Datos Aemet obtenidos del INE (media 2005-2012).
Precipitaciones anuales totales 443 mm.
Temperatura media anual 16oC.
Hasta 26oC de gradiente térmico en los meses de maduración de la uva.
2800 horas de sol anuales.
3 Clasificación FAO.

The Excellence of Natural Quality

Terroir Wines: Nature as Principle Author

We defend the Excellence of Natural Quality. The extraordinary quality of the Señorío de Yagüe wines is provided by our land and our particular terroir. We refer to our wines as Wines of Author and make all the effort possible to ensure the Main Author is Nature.

The terroir, is a mixture of the particular local ascendants that influenced the climate, landscape and soil.

The characteristics that define our land are optimal for vine growing. The water supply is minimal or zero. We literally pamper our vines to limit their vigour and increase the quality of the grape; creating a very small and variable yield, depending on conditioning factors of the ecosystem.

All of these elements have produced the VEO 2014 (3000 bottles) and VEO 2015 (3600 bottles) collections. Each bottle is individually filled, corked, sealed and given its beautifully designed identity by hand. Our red wine is 100% Merlot: soft, with substantial body, intense color and high polyphenolic content. Its elegant aromas of ripe black fruit and caramel, evolve towards complex after just a few months in the bottle. The Merlot grape prefers calcareous soils. It is a variety with characteristically small fruit and a thick skin. The high ratio of surface / volume, favors the enrichment of the grape juices and the obtaining of exceptional quality wines.

Our White Wines are 100% Chardonnay. The colour is clear, very beautiful and the delicate and powerful aromas of pineapple, quince and banana are a delightful yet superbly merged surprise on the palate. The Chardonnay grape is also a small fruit with thick skin. It gives a low yield of extrordinarily complex fruity wines.

Our beautiful Author Wines are born from the action of Nature producing this finest of “fruit” and the diverse ancestral techniques that we incorporate and scrupulously carry out with uttermost attention to detail.

Nature The Protagonist

Of our Unique Author Wines

As a result of the absence of oenological products in the elaboration, our wines are Unique, Distinctive and Unrepeatable.

 The vineyard is a living Ecosystem and therefore changing, without fixed parameters, like a living entity, each vintage is influenced by the differences in the conditions that affect its development. From these, flow the aromas, flavors and textures, which emerge naturally and distinctly for each of our collections.

Each year, a thorough analytical follow-up is carried out, interpreting nature’s performance, determining the optimum harvesting moment to extract the highest quality for each variety.

Only the best clusters of fruit are selected. The potential of the grapes is determined and the production process of that particular crop is defined, using the best techniques to acquire the maximum quality that nature can provide us, without oenological additives in any of the stages of the productive process.

Small Tanks to preserve Nature´s Essence

Limited Production with the Greatest Attention to Detail.

Another of the great secrets of Vineae ExpressiO VEO: Our wines are produced in small tanks of just 2000 litres. The small size of the tanks used, allows a great control of all the technical parameters, as well as a minimum time to change of any of them, if we so choose.

A Luxurious Production: Natural Essence Only- Vineae ExpressiO VEO is only made from the juice of gently crushed grapes. We do not press the fruit and therefore maintain a wonderfully balanced and rounded flavour.

Since the characteristics of the grapes that will be used on the day of the Harvest are analyzed beforehand, no type of grape correction is carried out. It is simply decided how the elaboration plan will be executed, given the characteristics of the grape.

The grapes are harvested by hand, in small boxes and are quickly transported to the cellar, thus avoiding oxidations and damage.

Their transformation begins quickly, although the entire process is a lengthy one…and after all our care and attention, our high criteria grapes yield their unique look, aroma and flavour and the unforgettable characteristics of the wines of Señorío de Yagüe.

A Vineyard with a Privileged Environment.

Cerro de las cabezas

Millennial Tradition and Artisanal Production.

In front of the estate where the Vineyard of Señorío de Yagüe is located, is the Cerro de las Cabezas. There is an Iberian archaeological site here which was populated between the 7th and 3rd centuries BC.

The inhabitants who lived in this enclave, already cultivated the vine and made wine, as evidenced by the archaeological finds discovered in the site (grape seeds, vessels for storage and transport of liquids, tillage tools etc.)1.

It is here that you find the source of inspiration of Señorío de Yagüe for the production of the Vineae Expression VEO: the magic of the production of a grape cultivated in lands with a millennial tradition. We continue to honour and uphold the ancestral wine culture.

 Throughout history, the vine and wine have been present in the land where our vineyard is today. There are a series of documented historical facts that give a good example of the historical winemaking importance of this particular area. Some examples of this can be found in a study by the authors Picornell and Melero in 20122,, which describes how the Arabs obtained from the Caliphate of Toledo a special order, to facilitate wine merchants, since the Koran forbade its followers to drink wine. Another story tells of the Order of Calatrava, who insisted that anyone who wanted citizenship in the town, had to buy a house with a vineyard. In the time of King Felipe II (1527), the wines produced from this small area were the favourite of the King´s court.

1 Los hallazgos arqueológicos del Cerro de las Cabezas están expuestos en el Museo Municipal de la Ciudad.
2 PICORNELL BUENDÍA, M.R. y MELERO MARTÍNEZ, J.M.: “Historia de cultivo de la vid y el vino; su expresión en la Biblia”, en ENSAYOS, Revista de la Facultad de Educación de Albacete, Nº 27, 2012. (Enlace web: – Consultada en fecha (26-10-2016)

Exceptional flavor and aromas captured and defined by our enologist – a wine of distinction – for discerning wine lovers.

The passion for wine, work intertwined with heritage and history and passionate dedication, are our values and principles. We produce quality wines, with great personality, in very small quantities, taking care of the smallest detail and avoiding the use of oenological additives, so that our wines are really the purest expression of our vineyard.

  • We ship to all of Spain and internationally.

  • Single bottle and limited series options available.

  • We make wines of the highest quality, which are the result of the excellent quality of the grapes and the incredible suitability of our location for cultivation.

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Our wine has an Incredibly Special and Important History.

  • Our farm is at the foot of the archaeological site of Cerro de las Cabezas, which is of Ibero-ORETAN origin and dates from the 6th to 2nd centuries BC. Ornamental vestiges of winemaking have been found in the vicinity of our farm, dating from the seventh century BC.

  • Our Vineyard has Perfect Winemaking Conditions.

    The winery is located on a farm of 27 ha, with 15 ha dedicated to the cultivation of various vine varieties.The property is located at a height of more than 700 m above sea level, in the southern part of the plateau, with a dry, cold steppe climate and exemplary soil conditions (.1)

  • A Prestigious Area of World Distinction  

    In 2012, this region was put on the map and given recognition around the world for producing one of the most expensive wines in the world. (€18,000 p/bottle) ico.

  • 100% Natural Wines for Connoisseurs

    Our wines have been made in a completely natural and organic way, without using any oenological additives.  We use traditional, extremely high quality and completely natural production methods, which ensure an exquisite flavour that will delight even the most demanding palates.

  • Selective Positioning & Availability.       

    We choose only establishments where quality and presentation are paramount above all elses.